New Beginnings

Taken at: Madrona Woods, which is a Mongolian yurt tucked away on my sister Grace’s property here on beautiful Salt Spring Island, BC…

On November 8th, 2017 I arrived on the beautiful island of Salt Spring in British Columbia, Canada. I am starting an entirely new chapter of my life, which is why I finally shut down my blog, Tantrachick, which has received over 3 million views since I started it in 2009.

I am going on a naked adventure and I am excited to share the adventure with you!

From my heart to yours,


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  1. Lee says:

    Enjoy your new start.

    1. Thank you! Nice to reconnect!

  2. campnatural says:

    Looks like a great and peaceful place to explore with all your senses. Enjoy!

    1. It is indeed! Thank you!

  3. DJ says:

    Love to see you naked! Very beautiful. <3

  4. Hugh Bear says:

    I look forward to being able to share your adventure through the blog..though I would love to walk through the woods with you !

    1. Thank you and that sounds absolutely lovely! That is why I called my blog Get Naked With Joy! <3

  5. Mark says:


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