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When I first landed here on on the eclectic island of Salt Spring in beautiful BC Canada, I was blessed to be fortunate enough to have my sister Grace’s lovely property to call home. Down the hill from her quaint home, tucked away in a sweet little meadow is an authentic Mongolian yurt. If you aren’t familiar with what a it is, a yurt – called Ger by the Mongols – is the traditional dwelling of nomadic families in Mongolia.

There is something deeply humbling about living in a yurt. You are sheltered from the elements, yet at one with mother nature. When the trees creak, it feels like you are in the forest the middle of a forest. When the wind blows, you can feel the yurt standing its ground while gently shifting. When it rains, the droplets of water hitting the surface of the yurt sound like tiny beating drums. I stayed in the yurt over the past couple of months, but on Jan 3rd I moved into a lovely 2-bedroom cottage near the ocean.

Below is a picture of the exterior of the yurt, me walking down the pathway from my sister, Grace’s home to the yurt, and one of me in the yurt:

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  1. So glad to read others have an interest in yurts! I recently posted about a unique experience in one! https://gotowiparks.wordpress.com

  2. Sean Hutchinson says:

    It looks amazingly beautiful Joy. Thank you for sharing. Good for you for realizing your dream. Going after what you want despite the opinions of many misguided individuals.

    1. Thank you Sean! 😘

  3. jeffstroud says:

    Lovely! I am glad you have found a new home !

    1. Thanks Jeff! It is beautiful! Pictures to come! ❤️

      1. John Wallace-Smith says:

        Joy, I absolutely adore you, your soul and I can’t wait to see more electrifying images of The Goddess! <3

      2. Awe thanks luv! 😘

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