Contemplation and Passion

Hey lovelies,

This morning my sister Grace and I have been contemplating the direction of this blog and our business. We need to decide what the intention and purpose for our naked journey is and more specifically, what we want to share with the world. For me, this process is about liberating myself. It is about diving in to my sensuality and expressing myself in an uninhibited way.

As a I dive deeper into myself, I discover more about who I am as a woman. It is an amazing and inspirational journey. Having my sister sharing this journey with me is mind blowing for me. It is a path I have walked alone for years and now Grace and I are on this journey together. There is something magical about walking this path with my sister. I look forward to seeing where it leads us…

I hope you are enjoying your day!

From my heart to yours,


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  1. dimololopa says:

    you are beauty queen for me

  2. mike luck says:

    Lovely, the both of you! I don’t think you need to decide where you take your journey though. I think you need absorb what your journey is providing you, and the product of your sensuality and freedom is what we are rewarded with. ☺️

    1. Beautiful. Yes. 😘

  3. Lee says:

    Surely you want to have people be naked with you.

    1. I do! Working on it!

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