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Hey lovelies,

Yesterday was an interesting experience for me. On New Year’s day I had an incredibly unique photographic experience with a photographer I met for the first time. Since then, he and I have developed a connection on both personal and professional levels. We both love photography, but more importantly, what we love about photographing people is capturing the essence of that person’s inner being during a candid moment.

Yesterday, what made my day so interesting is that I hosted a photo shoot at my home. This beautiful young model, Skye, spent a couple hours on a ferry and arrived on the eclectic island of Salt Spring for her shoot with my friend. The main intention of Skye’s photo shoot was to capture a beautiful head shot to add to her modelling portfolio. The intention of my participation in her shoot was to use a few of my breakthrough techniques to help Skye expand her natural confidence and embrace her beauty on a more profound level.

Skye was lovely to work with. She is a gorgeous woman both inside and out. She has a background in dance, which helps her tap into her inner strength and hold space for herself during a photo shoot. After connecting through the power of energy, reflexology, and guided meditation, something divine unfolded. It can be challenging for a model to share their inner beauty, their inner strength, and also share their inner vulnerability during a photo shoot. But Skye was able to do this and more. I literally saw Skye step into herself and open on a deeper level. It is an honour to witness Skye blossoming into herself as she walks down her path as a model, social media influencer, and dancer. After her shoot was complete, Skye gifted each of us a reading from her Medicine Cards. The process was illuminating, Skye is a woman of many talents.

I mentioned Skye’s photo shoot to a friend. Naturally, he immediately thought Skye was naked during her photo shoot. So, in case it crossed your mind, Skye was fully clothed at all times. during her shoot This brings me to an important point.

People can get “naked” with me without being nude…

The photos in this post were taken by me on my iPhone 7 Plus (except the ones of Skye and I together).

To support Skye on her path, please follow her on Instagram: @skyekinsella_

From my heart to yours,


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  1. dimololopa says:

    little difficult to accept you in dress but always looking awesome its your quality

  2. Steve Swett says:

    It is always such a vast delight to read about your experience….

    1. Thanks Steve

  3. Ralph Odierna says:

    Being naked is no more than being vulnerable, honest, free, accepting, and self love. Clothes are what the eyes see not what the soul sees

    1. So true, Ralph! <3

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