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Hey lovelies,

I drifted into dreamland much earlier than normal last night. I slept beautifully and my sleep was filled with mystical dreams. The images from my dreams stayed in my mind this morning when I awoke. My house was quiet except for the sound of my neighbour’s rooster crowing in the background.

I got up, turned my kettle on then went to my favourite spot in my home to check my emails. As I was sitting responding to messages and comments, I received an email that stood out. One of my blog readers mentioned that their favourite photo of me so far is the one where I am sitting at my kitchen table working in just a sweater.

I found this perception very interesting. My sister Grace and I were talking about this yesterday. I sometimes forget that my lifestyle is not mainstream. I work from home, often times sitting fully nude, other times partially dressed and many times outside in nature. The weather here is much colder than you may imagine, but I still challenge myself to push my own boundaries and get outside naked even when the temperature is near freezing.

Today, however, I was cozied up in my chair gazing out at my beautiful view working until I arrived at my sister’s home to work on some collaborative projects. When I came to Grace’s house for a bit of work then some tub time, we set the intention for our day by starting with a smudge.

Now it is time for our “hot tub meeting”. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day. Happy Friyay!

From my heart to yours,


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Joy, you and Grace have such beauty within and it radiates in your physical appearance. Thanks for being so kind and open to us. XOXO, your admirer

    1. Anonymous says:

      I agree. Grace, you are charming. Would you share more of your story? Are you open with your self-acceptance at home? How is it transforming your family? More photos of you? Does your journey add fire to your relationship with your husband? It seems that you are on this adventure with Joy. Just thirsty for the waters of liberation and inspiration… sunny summer

  2. Ralph Odierna says:

    I love when you said <> I have always believed that life begins where our comfort zone ends

    1. It is the most beautiful feeling…to be at the edge of your comfort zone..

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