The Divine Masculine

Hey lovelies,

A few months ago I was out at an eclectic brewhouse in Fairfield, Iowa dancing. I was beginning to overcome the grief I felt around the loss of my marriage and I was finally starting to feel a renewed sense of freedom. At some point in the evening, I struck up a conversation with a local man, Jake, and he joined my table. We ended up becoming fast friends and hung out quite a few times before I moved back to the West Coast of Canada.

Because I was in a vulnerable space, I was curious if my inner vulnerability was obvious to people who were meeting me for the first time. So I asked Jake if he felt comfortable sharing his first impression of me. His response left me totally speechless. His words struck a chord with me and for some reason, hearing what Jake expressed was the catalyst for me developing an even deeper connection to my divine feminine energy. I felt as if Jake actually “saw me” and it was a powerful experience for me.

Even though we now live thousands of miles apart, we have continued to develop our friendship over the past few months. He has provided emotional support, been an attentive listener and he has also encouraged me to continue down the path of discovering Joy. Since I launched this blog and started sharing my path on social media sites, Jake has silently observed the way some men have responded to my words and my images. During one of our recent conversations, he asked me if he could write a blog style response. I agreed. This is what Jake wrote:

“Joy has shown you her naked physical form…. It’s the physical manifestation of her vulnerability, her power, her perseverance to be who She is beyond all definition, except…

Her own.

She moves you to feel and, it’s really fucking familiar. It is the presence that all Men desire; The Divine Feminine. Most of us, (I’ll raise my hand in solidarity with my fellow Men who inappropriately express our base instinct to fuck), find the naked female form so alluring, inviting, and downright erection inspiring, that the old joke of:

“Only enough blood to run one head at a time”

Will prevail at times…

A little more about the Divine Feminine…When were you last in the presence of a woman and, while you were with her, you felt inspired to be the most vibrant, confident and brilliant version of yourself? You, at that moment, were absorbing the Divine Feminine into your being from whatever form it was you were interacting with. It doesn’t matter who she was, what matters is that you were open to receiving it at that time. Just like you are now while looking at the expression of the Divine Feminine in Its terrifying power.

She scares you. Her vulnerability is terrifying because the surrender she represents is so alien outside of the immature male need to penetrate and permeate that he will do anything to possess the vulnerability of its expression. Why can I say this? I can say this because I have recognized this within myself when I see something outside of myself that I desire to possess, be it a quality, behavior or a piece of character I wish. I will also judge that person for having that ability until I am willing to own that piece of myself.

Men are stupid. I am a Stupid Man. Tell her what her presence evokes in you. This isn’t about the physical somato-emotional response; it’s about the 5 seconds after your erection goes down that is the most honest…Tell her what the sight of her evokes in your being. After viewing her picture, there is a phrase or saying that will come to mind that you feel when operating from service to her continued expression.

It is a responsibility that we, as Men continue to provide a safe space for this expression. She has invited you into her exploration of her Divine self.

Show some Fucking respect.” – Jake

Thank you so much, Jake, for sharing the Divine Masculine perspective.

From my heart to yours,

JoyDivine Masculine


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  1. What is the point here? I see a very attractive naked body. Very nice Joy. I am not sure about the surrender here but I guess it is your nudity for all the world to see. I have experienced a surrender recently to my massage therapist. It is private but it made me feel vulnerable as a male and more appreciative of the power of the female.

    1. There is no point. This is just something I am experiencing and going through and sharing. Blogging and expressing myself through photography is something I have done since 2009. It is not about agenda, it is about sharing what is going on in my life and it is my hope that I inspire others to share in response. You shared… an experience that made you feel vulnerable. So if I had to choose a point to all of this, it would be sharing our vulnerability… thanks for sharing. From my heart to yours, Joy

  2. DJ says:

    ‘Language is a skin: I rub my language against the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words. My language trembles with desire.’
    ~ Roland Barthes

    1. I love quotes and cannot believe I haven’t heard this one before. It is hauntingly beautiful!

      1. DJ says:


      2. Thank you from my heart to yours DJ 💕💕💕💕

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lovely! <3 Thank you Jake for your beautiful word. Your share is insightful and enlightening. It touches my spirit to hear words so honest and responding to ones deeper emotional reaction. And thank you Joy for bringing this to light for me. It is a topic I wish was discussed more and with this level of honesty and embracing of our desires and of our inspiration.

    1. Such a lovely response thank you for opening up and supporting Jake! ❤️

  4. Russell A LaSota says:

    Great thoughts for the day

    1. Thanks! Hope you have a beautiful day yourself! Joy

  5. jeffstroud says:

    Bless you Jake! It takes courage as well as a real man to express these thoughts, Good for you!

    Joy, I had wondered what the response to your recent exploration yourself expressed so openly has brought about. I have stood back to observe, as well as hold space for you to offer your gifts to the world around you. Beautiful expressed.

    1. Beautiful Jeff, I have been trying to figure out how long we have known each other. I have always adored your contribution not just to my life but to the world!

      The verdict is in. I receive 75% positive feedback and support and 25% total crap from men around the world.

      What I am excited to share is that so far, knock on wood (not man wood lol) I have not been shamed or slut shamed.

      Honestly, it is going pretty damn well and will only get better. Part of my intention (newly formed I will add) is to desexualize nudity.

      Sending love from my heart to yours! Joy

      1. DJ says:

        Haha, 25% total crap. I like the expression. It evokes my curiosity. Feel curiosity about the guys sending total crap. Who are they? What do they miss, what do they need? What have they missed, where did it go wrong? How do they behave in ‘real’ life? Total crap as well? Or just ordinary, but hiding to come out digitally? How was their mother, how their father? What did they see as children, what did they experience, what did they feel? Well, I don’t know, but it seems as if here most healing is needed.

        Thanks for sharing your nakedness. 💜

      2. My pleasure. Thanks for sharing your perspective! 💜

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