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Hey lovelies,

A lot of people have been asking me questions about myself. Rather than respond to the same questions over and over again, I thought it might make sense to write a short post answering some of the most common questions.

Childhood: I grew up in a tiny town about an hour North of Toronto. I lived across the road from a beautiful river and close to Lake Simcoe, which meant that I spent a lot of my childhood swimming, sailing, and participating in water sports (including frozen water sports like skating, ski-doing, and ice fishing).

Career: I have never enjoyed working for other people and I find it very difficult to force myself to do things I don’t enjoy. I like being my own boss, so beyond being a Sex Coach, author, and blogger, I consider myself a lifestyle entrepreneur. Over the years I have had multiple streams of income, and I am currently working towards building an online income.

Joy: As for my adult life, I was married from the time I was 19 and I became a mom to my beautiful daughter, Eden, a week after my 21st birthday. I have four kids (2 girls and 2 boys) who are now 13, 17, 19, and 21. They are amazing, dynamic, creative, artistic, and absolutely awe-inspiring human beings.

Gypsy: As for where I call home, I am a gypsy soul; I have lived in Ontario, British Columbia, Washington, Arizona, and Iowa. After separating from my husband in September of 2017, I took a couple months to make a major life decision,  then I moved back to BC. I recently considered moving to Arizona to be near some of my closest friends, but after contemplating everything, I have decided to try and make it work here in BC where my oldest three kids and my sister live. I am hoping to finally put down solid roots.

To date, other than questions related to my relationship status, the top question I am asked is:

“Are you a nudist?”

Nudist: I don’t have a straightforward answer to this question. My mom tells stories of me stripping down as a child. She says it was impossible to keep clothes on me. As I grew up, I found myself regularly participating in situational nudity (skinny dipping, going to nude beaches, hot tubbing, nude sunbathing, etc.). I have never identified as a nudist, though nudism was not something that was comfortable for my husband and I am no longer with him.

Naked: My new found freedom seems to have affected how often I go naked. Does that make me a nudist? To try and answer this question, I took a complex nudism quiz. After taking answering all of the questions, I got a score of 69% nudist. That number made me laugh. Although the focus of this blog is not sexuality or even sensuality, I am a deeply sensuous woman…

Naturist: As I mentioned in a previous post, I like the term, Naturist. So maybe I am a Naturist. But to me, these labels are not necessary. While writing for this blog, I have discovered the deeper meaning of what my intention is. Beyond Rewilding myself through my naked in adventures in nature, I have an intention that I think is vital to the health of our society.

My intention is:

Mission: To desexualize nudity and normalize healthy sexual expression and exploration. So there you have it. As for my background with sexuality, I have explored Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, the Quodoshka path, and a variety of related sacred sexuality teachings. For years I wrote about sexuality and participated in multiple related events. To watch the Youtube intro for my interview as one of the experts who was interviewed for the Ultimate Tantra Summit, please click HERE.

I hope you are having a truly blissful day!

From my heart to yours,


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  1. dimololopa says:

    you are amazing personalty

  2. Dave says:

    I grew up on Orillia 🙂

    1. I grew up in Pefferlaw

  3. Bare Beach Bum says:

    Great summary. What is a nudist? Why is being comfortable in your skin and enjoying the freedom of being human have to be labeled? Why does it have to be illegal in most places too?

    1. I could not agree more!

  4. Russell A LaSota says:

    Nice condensed history. Very in site full. Like your mission that you are on. One of my goals in life is to return to the Garden of Eden for me and in the original we were naked without shame. No hang ups and fully exposed for the whole to see the real us.

    1. Letting go of conditioning is incredibly liberating I fully agree! <3

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