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Hey lovelies,

When I first began sharing my naturist adventures publicly (Jan 1/2018), I had no idea what people would think. I didn’t necessarily expect a negative response, but I also didn’t expect my images to elicit such a positive response. Men, women, and couples from all over the world began sending me emails, messages, and posting comments of support on my social media accounts.

“Joy, your bravery moves me. You openness humbles me. Your strength inspires me.” -T.H.

Some people even shared their own partially clothed or fully nude self-portraits with me. I am not talking about nude photos of an erotic nature, I am talking about thoughtful, elegant, and inspirational photos. Within the first 30 days of launching my Twitter account, my tweets received over 1 million impressions.

After contemplating the reactions to my posts, I came to the realization that I have somethingย of value to offer. The top comment I receive is that I exude a “natural confidence” when I am nude. I found this interesting. I reflected, asking myself why I am so comfortable being naked. I don’t have a concrete answer, but I definitely feel comfortable when I am naked.

As I further explored this topic, I decided that it makes sense to offer “Body Freedom Sessions” to men, women, and couples. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. So I have been digging deeper to see what a Body Freedom session looks like. Years ago I worked with a client in his late 60’s who had never been naked in front of a single human being. He had been married for most of his adult life, but his conservative upbringing made it uncomfortable for him to be nude in front of his own wife.

He decided that he wanted to change this aspect of himself, so he reached out to me. He asked me if I would be willing to simply sit with him and talk comfortably with him while he undressed. That is exactly what I did. I made some tea and talked with him while he nervously fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. I continued talking while he finished undressing. He was worried he would become aroused. I told him not to judge himself, just open to the experience and try to embrace his body.

It was an absolutely beautiful experience. During his session, I chose to stay fully clothed. It was not something I had ever done before and I didn’t see how my own nakedness would enhance his experience. After a few sessions, he managed to do the same thing with his wife. They ended up both slowly taking off their clothes until they stood in front of each other. Man and wife. Standing naked with the lights on for the first time in their lives. They cried and held each other, then made sweet love. With the lights on…

I am working on creating a full Body Freedom Session description. In the meantime, as this process continues to unfold, if you think a session with me would be beneficial for you, please reach out through my contact page.

I hope you are having a beautiful day!

From my heart to yours,


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  1. a_lee says:

    Hi Joy. I sent an email in regards to this and well, I guess I do believe that this will be beneficial to me. I maybe a nudist but, I’ve been having many issues as of late with how I view myself and my mentality towards the body in general. I hope to hear from you.

  2. DJ says:


  3. Bare Beach Bum says:

    I think that there is something inside people like us and possibly most people that feel a sense of freedom being nude. We are not encumbered by clothes nor hiding anything. We are at our most basic and natural state. We enjoy the beauty of simplicity no matter what others think.

    Your client sounds typical of how most of us are raised in the US and other parts of the world. We are taught to hide ourselves and our bodies behind textiles which causes us to put on a facade when dealing with others. Attaching modesty and shame to being nude restricts our personalities. When we are nude, we are no longer shackled.

    1. Beautifully spoken! Yass! ๐Ÿ’•

  4. Albert Giesbrecht says:

    Would these sessions be online or in person? I had an incall nude therapy session once, but I was allowed to masturbate. I take it that would’t be allowed?

    I’m just asking theoretically.

    1. I plan on offering both online

  5. DJ says:

    Beautiful! That resonates a lot! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’•

    1. ๐Ÿ’•

  6. coolbrzy says:

    I’m not a SME; copyright/IP law may vary from fed to state or between states, ie limits on collecting judgements, etc. I’d think you at least have to post a ยฉ symbol or statement on the blog/pic but I wouldn’t presume you are protected w/o doing research & getting a qualified opinion. Also, any social media/self publishing platform you use may also have legal rights and/or responsibilities that play a role. You will want to read their policies very carefully or ask an IP expert before you publish an extensive amount of work to any platform.

    1. ๐Ÿ’•

  7. rstuv_z says:

    Beautiful article,I am looking forward to see the resulting Body Freedom Session, it is something a lot of people need.

    I took the liberty of making a .gif moving image out of your 3 images hope you like it.

    1. That was very interesting thanks for sharing!

      1. coolbrzy says:

        One other biz consideration; rstuv_z does a nice job creating the .gif with your pics, but you might want to copyright your content so you control what is done with your images and other intellectual property. Someone else may not be as kindz or tasteful as rstuv_z as well as protecting your work from competitors or someone who might disparage your efforts. (Legal recourse if someone does the wrong thing).

      2. Yes I am a very open and trusting person… good to think of protecting my work and images..

      3. From my understanding copyright is activated once an image is posted online.

      4. coolbrzy says:

        I’m not a SME; copyright/IP protections* may vary (fed vs state, state vs state) and it’s good to get expert opinion on the matter. I’d imagine at the very least you have to post a ยฉ symbol and/or statement on each blog, but I wouldn’t presume you are protected w/o first doing the research. *options for recourse, collecting on a judgement, etc.

      5. I will look into it thanks.

  8. coolbrzy says:

    PS: Consider the longer term while building your start-up. Once your business is established and running smoothly, you should consider franchising; it’s not that people can’t make a pizza from the internet, but the franchise model lends credibility, boosts the prospective entrepreneurs’ confidence, and builds the reputation and brand for the franchisor. You have an relatively new idea that (at a minimum) has the potential to transform the coaching/counseling business by establishing a niche within the broader market. It could potentially open the door to creative outreach (seminars, events, etc) and outside revenue streams. Profit certainly isn’t your primary driver, but paying the bills certainly never hurts, and allows you to expand opportunity and be more charitable.

    1. coolbrzy says:

      *not suggesting you are making pizza; just that the franchise model has benefits for coaching just as it relates to the well known and ubiquitous pizza brands.

      1. I understood but thanks for expanding!

    2. That is a brilliant response! Awesome ideas…

  9. coolbrzy says:

    It is absolutely stunning how the contrast of misguided religious zeal and the sexualization of fashion have created so much shame and harm. Your client is hardly the first to know that shame, and sadly too many people struggle with self love, inhibiting their relationship with their lovers. The Model Society recently published a photo journal in which the model discussed how posing nude helped her overcome the effects of assault/abuse. Undoubtedly someone who can’t love themself will struggle with doubt as to how others can love them. I am confident that there are many who could benefit from your assistance and that your work will prove immensely rewarding to those who participate. I hope you are able to quickly able to build a clientele to establish your business and fulfill your goals of helping and healing others.

    1. Thanks for your words of wisdom and support!

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