Introspection with Joy

Hey lovelies,

If you know me well, you understand that sometimes I step back and take a breath. Life is beautiful and intense all at the same time. At times, when the intensity of life momentarily outweighs the beauty, I turn my vision and focus inwards…

I hope your day is filled with pure, unadulterated bliss…

From my heart to yours,


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  1. dimololopa says:

    life is you sweet girl. i tell it every one if some one want to see life just saw you

  2. DJ says:


    1. 💜

  3. Steve Swett says:

    Do your thing. 🙂 Holding space for you.

  4. Grace says:

    Love the natural lighting in these pics. Your photography is amazing. Let’s get some at the ocean this weekend.

    1. Thanks sis! I would love to! 😘

  5. DJ says:

    Very beautiful and intimate. Breath and be. 💙💕

    1. 💕

      1. DJ says:

        Sorry, forgot the e. Breathe and be is what I meant.

  6. Love to be naked. Daily.

    1. 💕

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