Naked Coffee

Hey lovelies,

On my Twitter post the other day featuring me doing yoga while drinking coffee one of my followers posted the following “Celebrating socially acceptable chemical dependency.”

I totally get that coffee is connected with caffeine addiction. For me, my morning cup of coffee is like a personal ritual.

When my kids were little I was more of a tea drinker. When I had a cup of tea in my hands my kids seemed to understand that I just needed a few moments to myself.

I have weighed the positives and negatives of my morning cup of java and decided to embrace it. Below is a compilation of some of my “coffee moments”. EnJOY!

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I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday! From my heart to yours,

Joy 💗

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  1. Bare Beach Bum says:

    I’m with you. My morning coffee is more of a ritual to get the day started. I will sit out on my patio, weather permitting, triage e-mail, do some reading, and prepare for the day. It helps me be more organized, productive, and grounded.

  2. Russell LaSota says:

    Moderation is the key because according to someone everything is bad in some way. My vice is MT. Dew has the most caffine of all sodas. Oh well been drinking it since it came out and one a day brings me pleasure.

    1. That is definitely another common vice especially in the US. Yes, moderation is key!

  3. coolbrzy says:

    Love your pics and love my coffee! Perhaps one day we can share a ‘cup of joe’. 😀

    1. Totally possible we will! ☕️

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