The Power of Dance

Hey lovelies,

As you likely know, this past year had been a tad on the difficult side for me and my family. Although my divorce is not yet complete, I am hopeful that it will be finalized in the near future. It is also my hope that finalizing things will provide closure.

To cope with the on going challenges, beyond writing and photgraphy, I have found solace in dance and creative movement. I grew up doing yoga with my aunt and have continued to incorporate yoga into my life but my true passion is the art of dance.

I was not one of those girls who went to dance lessons every week and competed in competitions. I was more of the dance in your room while lip syncing music as I pretended I loved a different life. I suppose, in some ways, I am still doing the same thing as a woman.

This past week I began dancing to a song while placing my phone on video in front of me. I have never seen myself dance before so it felt a bit strange at first. What I am enjoying about the videos is the screen shots I am able to capture.

I am not sure where this path will lead me but in the meantime I will just dance. Because for me:

“Dance is to my soul as breath is to my body.” –Joy Nelson

I hope you are having a blissful day!

From my heart to yours,


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  1. coolbrzy says:

    Music has had the power to stir the soul since the beginning of time, but also to move the body in sync. A couple of songs that come to mind where the lyrics also speak to that effect are the Flashdance
    soundtrack What A Feeling and Gloria Estefan’s Conga. Whether it’s pounding African and Latin rhythms, East Coast Swing, Country Line Dances or the slower tempos of ballet and waltzes, music and movement inspires and uplifts. Dance has always seemed to be a great way to lift a mood and banish the blues.

    1. So true. Music has always moved me. 💗

  2. Russell LaSota says:

    Love the creative shots where you are the subject and you include the floor reflection. Very nice visual.

    1. Thank you

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