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Hey lovelies,

As I dive deeper into this photographic journey, I am amazed at the reactions the self portraits I share elicit from the people who view them. I have been contemplating the comments I receive. Other than some of the more sexual focused comments…

The top three descriptive words used the most often across all social media platforms are:

Beautiful. Calming. Confident.

As I thought about these words, I felt a deep level of gratitude for the lovely connections I have developed through this process. Sharing in such a vulnerable and authentic manner brings out vulnerable and authentic expression from the people viewing the photos. It is beautiful and heart warming to witness.

After thinking about these lovely connections and the heartfelt expression of people since I started down this path on New Years’ day at the beginning of 2018, I came to a realization. It is my ‘Tantric’ energy and self connection that shines through. As far as my history with Tantra…

I began my personal journey with Tantra when I read my first book on the topic at the age of 16. As I matured, I developed an unquenchable thirst for knowledge around the topics of:

  • healthy sexual expression
  • transforming emotional, physical and spiritual wounds
  • self connection and expanded connection
  • meditation, yoga, and creative movement
  • energy work and holistic healing modalities
  • the sensuous arts of emotional, spiritual, and physical pleasure (giving, receiving and holding space for)

This path is not something you “complete”. There is a plethora of knowledge, teachers, and experiences available. So much so that one could spend many lifetimes studying, experiencing and teaching these topics.

If I had to sum up what I have personally gained throughout this process I would say the top three benefits I have received are:

  • Self acceptance, connection and love
  • Being able to be content with where I am at even when life is a struggle (the struggle is real;) and to create change in the areas of life where I am not yet thriving
  • The ability to connect very rapidly with the people I encounter in my life (both online and in person)

I am human, so of course I am bound to make mistakes. But the beauty of making mistakes is one’s ability to identify the mistake, learn from it and transform it into a positive outcome.

Someone asked me how I will continue teaching Tantra and intimacy coaching after having my two decade loving marriage end so abruptly.

My response is that I have learned more about marriage, commitment, romantic connection, emotionality, and the human condition from this experience than I did from a two decade marriage.

I am currently fully embracing and absorbing what I have learned and am incorporating it into my teachings. I feel truly excited to see what the future has to offer as I enter this new phase of life. I hope you are having a blissful morning.

From my heart to yours,


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  1. Joe Smith says:

    I love being naked in the rain!!!!

    1. Me too! It’s so rejuvenating! 🌸

  2. coolbrzy says:

    If more people were socially naked, we’d have less conflict in society. You have to be confident, or at least courageous, to be vulnerable in front of others. You can hardly disrespect others when you are exposed to others in groups. And being voluntarily nude in front of others brings confidence and enjoyment that makes it hard to be angry or depressed!

    1. 💗🙏💗

  3. Bare Beach Bum says:

    You’ve been getting plenty of rain to play in lately. Being naked in the rain has its’ own joy different from being naked in the sun.

    1. It definitely does!

  4. Dave says:

    Naked in the rain is soooo powerful!!!!

    1. I find rain so peaceful and refreshing…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Our daily treat. Thank you Joy.

    1. My pleasure. Thank you for the encouragement! 💗

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