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Hey lovelies,

I have been feeling so positive about the path I started on New Years’ day 2018. I feel so blessed to feel the level of freedom and liberation not just in my body but also in my mind and spirit.

If you are finding yourself wishing you could meditate but feel blocked or like you can’t clear your mind… I highly recommend sitting naked while you meditate.

Even a few moments of meditation can help you drop into yourself and clear your mind. If my mind is racing I do some stretches to help settle my thoughts before I do a sitting meditation. If you are an active person, sometimes it can be difficult to sit. A walk can offer a lot of the same benefits.

My suggestion? Make time for you! I hope you are having a blissful day.

From my heart to yours,


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  1. Joe Smith says:

    Doing everything nude is better

    1. Truth! 💕

  2. coolbrzy says:

    Meditation is great for all sorts of reasons and benefits. I wish I had appreciated it’s value earlier in life.

    1. It is.

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