Embody Your Feminine Sensuality

Hey lovelies,

Yesterday morning when I first stood up, it immediately became evident that I had started my period. I thought about sharing a more descriptive vision of the moment but decided to spare you the bloody details;)

I felt positive but mildly exhausted even though I had just woken up from a decent night’s sleep. I decided to pamper myself and honor the sacred process unfolding in my body.

I spent almost two hours soaking in the bath, sipping red wine while listening to gentle yet inspiring music. I lit a single candle and placed a bouquet of wild flowers on the ledge of my bath.

Rather than fight the process, I chose to celebrate my moon cycle in an almost ritualistic manner.

When I finally emerged from the warmth of my sacred bath, I felt rejuvenated and emotionally grounded. Then something interesting happened.

As I checked in with myself, I was pleased with how much more positive I felt compared to when I first woke. By giving myself permission to honor my moon cycle and accept the flow of my body, I transformed the potentially negative energy into something truly radiant.

As I continued to hold space for myself, I felt a wave of sensuality ripple through the very core of my being. Once again I gave myself permission to be guided by my feminine expression as it unfolded before me and within me. I pleasured myself multiple times then made sweet love with my attentive and compassionate lover. It was pure bliss.

Periods can be a major inconvenience or a blessing. When we as women make space for our moon cycle, and take the time to both honor and celebrate our womanly bodies the result is deeply beautiful.

If we are able to take a ritualistic approach to self nurturing one step further and embrace our feminine sensuality, the resulting energy is simply divine.

From my heart to yours,


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  1. This is so beautiful. I really love the thought of honoring the moon cycle instead of experiencing it begrudgingly. Amazing post

    1. Awe thank you for your beautiful feedback!

  2. Omg…this is so beautifully portrayed and there’s so much passion in there. Really amazing,,
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  3. jeffstroud says:

    Sounds delicious ! Love the photographs!

    1. Awe thanks luv! I am so glad you got a new phone! Feeling so many positive vibes coming from you! 💗

      1. jeffstroud says:

        I am still learning… and getting back in the stream of life again…

      2. I am so with you on that journey! 💗😘💗

  4. George Scott Hanzelka says:

    It’s always good to take time for yourself.Paying attention to what you need to feel better often has positive effects.Great way to honor your moon cycle.Hope your bliss continues.

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