What Does It Mean to Be in Your Body?

Hey lovelies,

Often times, when I am working with new clients, I teach them how to “drop into themselves”. I recently used this phrase in a social media post and someone asked me what I meant by that.

My immediate response on an internal level was that the meaning should be obvious. However, as I started to type a response to the question:

“What do you mean by drop into yourself?”

I realized that it was difficult to express in words. This left me wondering how many people in our society actually take the time to truly be at one with themselves and be in their body.

Rather than attempt to describe the feelings associated with truly being in my body I am going to share a few photos capturing a moment where I felt grounded, centered, and deeply connected to my body. Moments where I effortlessly “dropped into myself”.

I am curious, what method do you use to connect with your body?

From my heart to yours,


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  1. DartSwimmer says:

    Ahh Joy, love your post, made me think … I drop in by being naked, skinny-dipping is my favourite place to connect, enjoy and appreciate myself, the liberation and peace is immense, thanks for the thought, you look amazing BTW wouldn’t mind dropping myself in you lol. X

  2. Kevin says:

    To be one with my body is one reason I became a nudist back in 2016. I believe that the body is best without clothes. I feel that to be one with your body or drop into it means you are comfortable with it’s naked natural state and you don’t have any problems with letting others see you nude or in very tiny bikinis.

    1. Interesting. For me it is a private and personal journey. I haven’t really thought about how being naked in the presence of others would influence my feelings. When I swim naked I drop into my body and I am fully comfortable at nude beaches so… 💗

      1. Kevin Mangold says:

        I just enjoy being around other nudist at the pool beach and at people’s houses. Nudity is liberating

  3. Dan Carlson says:

    Hi Joy. You just left a really thoughtful comment on my blog (www.meanderingnaturist.com) and I thought I might return the favor, taking note of the beautiful layout and wonderful spirit of YOUR blog. I’ve been following you for some time, and will encourage others to do the same. – Dan

    1. Thank you Dan. I think I also followed your blog some time ago but never actually read it until today. Beautifully expressed! 💗 -Joy

      1. Dan Carlson says:

        Today is mutual admiration Sunday! 🙂 Just responded to your comment on my blog, with gratitude and admiration. Thanks, especially, for taking the time to write.

      2. 😘❤️😘

      3. Dan Carlson says:

        Hi again Joy. Your inquiry inspired me to actually write up our story, as it seems I’ve never actually done that on the blog before now. So here you go… https://meanderingnaturist.com/2018/07/29/rebels-with-a-cause-a-story-of-two-meandering-naturists/

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