My Self Portrait Journey

Hey lovelies,

Yesterday a variety of followers on my social media accounts told me that they wished they had the body confidence I exhibit in my photos. My response was interesting because I had a strong reaction.

When we experience strong reactions to someone’s comments it generally means there’s something deeper going on. That is definitely the case for me.

If you have been reading this blog for awhile or if you have read my first blog, Tantrachick, you are likely aware of the body image challenges I have faced over the years. I am a woman in her early forties who has given birth to four children and experienced multiple miscarriages. I was dangerously anorexic and bulimic during my teens. So no, body confidence does not come easily for me.

My point? This body I live in has been through a lot. For years I literally hated this body. My body. At some point I chose to create a shift in my self love and body love mindset. Most days I honor, cherish and respect my body. Some days my thoughts are not so positive.

The days I feel negative are often the days I choose to take a self portrait. I hold up a mirror to the best and worst facets of body hatred and body love. My body hatred and my body love. It takes dedication and patience to be on this journey. To share my naked journey I suppose is quite brave.

For me it’s just something I do. I have experienced very little negativity in response which honestly continues to surprise me. People ask me why I do this. Why I strip down to my most vulnerable physical expression and share that vulnerability with the world. My vulnerability.

A year ago, when I first started this journey I couldn’t have answered that question. Today I can answer it because I have a deeper understanding of myself and this naked journey I’m on. I continue to share this journey with the world because I want to liberate others. I want to liberate you.

In this moment I am sitting at a local cafe with the dauntingly beautiful ocean directly in front of me (I took a photo for you) I am blogging about my naked expression while the world is going about their business. As I look around me I wonder how many people deeply and completely love and accept themselves as they are…

It does not come easily. Deep, profound self love that is. In moments it is fleeting and vanishes. But once you experience it for even a single fleeting moment you will likely find yourself craving it. What I have learned is that it is a lifelong process. Sometimes the struggle is real. Sometimes it flows with ease.

As for my wish for you? I want you to find the strength within to deeply and completely love and accept yourself…

From my heart to yours,


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  1. coolbrzy says:

    There is something deeply relaxing about the ocean that I don’t quite find at a lake or even in the mountains. Being intentionally vulnerable takes courage, and being nude in front of others is a reflection of strength and self confidence, even in spite of insecurities. There are no perfect bodies, but we should all be thankful for the amazing body that gives us life. You look great, btw, and deserve to be proud of your efforts to build a strong, healthy body, despite life’s hardships such as childbirth or illness/injury. Your beauty is proof of your hard work.

    1. Awe thanks 💗

  2. robie7717 says:

    You Go!!

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