The Tantric Man

Hey lovelies,

After a couple days dealing with tech issues, I am taking a night off. I am feeling beautifully grounded and incredibly positive for the future. I lost sight of my intuition for a minute but I am back on track.

I got quite a lot of feedback about the title of my program, The Tantric Man. I am unfortunately all too aware of the negative associations with the word Tantra. But I knew that going in.

I decided to tackle those challenges. I chose not to let the limiting beliefs associated with THE single most effective path to Sexual Mastery stop me. But for a moment, I allowed myself to be swayed by popular opinion.

Today I remembered my truth. In 2009 I sat naked in front of my desktop computer and I launched a WordPress blog. I wasn’t trying to start a movement. I was simply attempting to journal and have no one read it.

At 3 am on a sleepless night I chose the title Tantrachick. When I finally stopped writing on Tantrachick (last year) it had been blessed with so many avid readers! The fact that 3 million people read my Tantric ramblings, tells me that there has to be something of importance connected to Tantra.

When I stopped writing I also went out and got a tattoo. I had the name Tantrachick tattooed on my ribs so I would never forget that Tantra is the core tool I used for my own sexual transformation. With this in my mind, body and heart I will not allow the negative connotations associated with the beauty of Tantra to taint my path.

I am after all, the original Tantrachick. I will instead dig deep and share the very essence of Tantra as I have experienced its beauty:

  • Connection
  • Transformation
  • Sexual mastery
  • Pleasure
  • Compassion
  • Wisdom in mind, body, spirit and heart

So I am here and I present myself in my most authentic expression. Sitting on my bed drinking a glass of Pinot Grigio contemplating this mountain I am about to climb. I hope you’ll join me on the journey because I will tell you one thing…from my heart to yours,

The Tantric Man Transformational Coaching Program is precisely what our world needs.

Sweet dreams beautiful,


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  1. Would you please email me?

  2. coolbrzy says:

    One of the most fascinating and intriguing posts I’ve read…perhaps because of it’s brevity and hints of past events or future plans of which I am not aware. I feel like a partygoer who’s come late into a conversation of friends.

    3 million is quite a lot of reads, whether individual or repeat visits. Which makes me wonder why you ceased publishing under the name. Of course anything published is open to criticism, but self love is just that..ignoring the critics to pursue your passion, whether in work, art, relationships, etc. Certainly more people have positive connotations than negative of Tantra in today’s world, but no doubt many people simply don’t know much to begin with. I count myself in the latter.

    I’d also like to know more about your (new?) program, what it involves, how it has evolved, and what differs from your prior or current other work. I am convinced that much abuse, rape, and murder is due to failure of culture to teach relationship skills to young boys, who grow up unable to express emotion, to love and be loved. Lasting sexual fulfillment is inextricably linked to attitudes toward one’s self and relationships with others, and is critical for men as it is for women. I am eager to learn more about the focus of your work.

    1. I have read your beautiful comment and will absolutely respond in depth within a day or so. I want to make sure I have the time to dive in with you. Thank you for your kind words. From my heart to yours, Joy

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