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  1. Russ LaSota says:

    Joy this is a very deep and beautiful photo of you. Your eyes tell so much and your expression is priceless. Thank you for always sharing openly and honestly.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with John 100%

  3. John Dufek says:

    I’ve not commented before but I’ve appreciated your blog and the perspective you bring. The simple phrase above, to live for the moments I can’t put into words, is powerful. I can get very task-focused and miss a lot of amazing moments with people and by myself. The idea that it’s OK to be happy and do what brings me pleasure is also powerful and liberating after years of underlying guilt about it. Very beautiful photo, by the way!

  4. beautiful photo

  5. coolbrzy says:

    Great caption for an enigmatic picture! 🙂

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