Day 3: GetNaked With Joy

Day 3 of the GetNaked With Joy 21 Day challenge!

For day one I chose to take a self portrait during my daily morning naked coffee time. For day two I took a self portrait with my brother-in-law during our morning hot tub time and added a photo of me naked in nature.

For today’s challenge I decided to keep it simple. The first photo (which I posted on Twitter and also placed below) was a naked bathroom selfie. The second photo for today is intended to normalize household nudity.

I hope you’re having a beautiful day!

From my heart to yours,


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  1. Jim says:

    how can I join you

  2. Great photo!

  3. unude2 says:

    Happy Nude Year Joy

    1. Same to you! 💗

  4. Kalpesh says:


  5. Geoff Graham says:

    Try to start each morning with naked coffee n croissant….. read news & emails

    1. Sounds lovely.

  6. Michael Anderson says:

    I love starting each morning naked with my coffee. Yoga and meditation sets the mood for the day.

    1. Beautiful Michael

  7. Kevin Mangold says:

    Happy new year and that’s awesome you started a naked challenge!!!! You look amazing!!!!!

    1. Thanks Kevin! Hope you have a beautiful new year!

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