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This is one of the fist naked photos ever taken of me…I was walking down the path to the yurt on my sister’s property. I see this photo as the beginning of my naked journey…01/2018

Here’s a self portrait I took in the yurt I was staying in last winter. There is something primal about living in a yurt. I am so blessed to have a family that accepts and in fact celebrates naturism (not all of my family of course, but my closest family members). 1/2018

My sister took this photo of me during one of our first naked photo shoot adventures. 1/2018

These photos are from a self portrait series I took a couple days ago. I was so blessed to have this beautiful ocean front home to myself for the day. As I mentioned in the video in my most recent post, I am working on diving in to my sensual self and giving myself permission to unleash my inner feminine sensuous expression. 3/2019

I have so much more to share. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me…

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