The Pitfalls of Being a Public Nudist

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I recently read a blog titled, Is it ok for nudists to sell their nude pictures? The post was on the site Naked Wanderings which is a blog hosted and written by Nick & Lins. If you’re not familiar with Nick & Lins, they are a “Belgian couple in their early 30s, who love traveling the world” (often times naked). I have had the pleasure of communicating with them off and on over the past couple of years. I find them to be an open minded, emotionally intelligent couple.

I admire and honor their blog and their tireless effort to normalize naturism. As a naked blogger myself, I can truly relate to the challenge of blogging for free. I have been blogging without any direct income from my blog posts for over a decade. I started with the blog, . My writings for Tantrachick focused on relationships, sexuality, freedom of expression, and female empowerment.


Then, in the fall of 2017, my monogamous marriage (over 2 decades of loving connection and a total of 7 kids) ended. At the time I was a sex and relationship coach focusing on helping men, women and couples transform their relationships on spiritual, emotional and sexual levels. Unfortunately, because of the personal reflections in my writing, my separation was very public. I faced one of the most challenging times of my life, while at the same time feeling like a failure, which caused me to crash my business. How could I be a divorcing relationship coach? The truth was, I couldn’t. I had to focus on my own emotional healing and transformation.


On new year’s day of 2018, I launched Get Naked With Joy,, which focuses on my naked self portrait journey. In over 11 years of blogging I never made a single penny from my blogs. I enjoy writing on a blog because I’m able to get immediate feedback on the topics I’m passionate about in my day to day life. While writing for Tantrachick I contemplated sharing my naked self. I was raised by my adopted father who happened to be a nudist. During my childhood my mother could barely keep clothes on me (our neighbors were NOT impressed by my naked butt running around the neighborhood). Despite my mother’s best efforts, I still run around naked, lol.


Because the topics on Tantrachick were of a more sensual nature, I decided not to add my non-sexual nudity to that blog. However, when I was facing the darkest time of my life, for some reason, I found healing in stripping down in nature and sharing my naked body and soul with the world. I don’t have any regrets, but I must admit that I didn’t realize the gravity of my choice to go public as a Naturist. René Beauchemin, a Canadian Indigenous Author who writes the blog Robert Longpre wrote an article for the FCN – Federation of Canadian Naturists that was featured in the magazine, Going Natural.

In his article, René wrote:

Joy doesn’t belong to the FCN or any landed or non-landed club. She is a free spirit who dares to be authentic whether clothed or unclothed. Over the past year, I have communicated with Joy and written about her on one of my blog sites, as I do about other naturists around the globe. With most of these others, the idea of freedom to be authentic always seemed to embrace being nude. Typically, they feel free to be clothed or unclothed when the spirit strikes. Rarely do they confront the textile world with their nudity. After all, there is little sense of being free when one is embroiled in conflict. 


When René wrote this article, I remember that the word conflict stood out to me. My path as a public Naturist has been mostly accepted by the general public. However, the “conflict” René spoke of in his article recently surfaced in my life. A couple days ago I was sipping my morning coffee naked in front of the wood stove in the little beach house air bnb I’m currently staying in. It was a lovely moment, but then I opened my email and the following words altered the mood of that moment.


Comment: If I seen you naked in public, I would grab your little hips from behind and stick my dick in your Warm, Wet Pussy and pump you with excitement until I cum in your little vagina hole. I Love how you flaunt around naked and how you trim your little coochie hair. I’d love to live butt ass naked with you. I would wake up with my erection for you to see Every morning. If your son is a nudist, does he come out with his dick hard and stiff sticking up for you to see? If so, do you smile at it? And you said your dad fondled you when you were younger? I bet he had a Reason. Your Sexy Ass!

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PS: 18 emails later and the 21 year old young man who posted that vile comment finally apologized. Anyone who says blogging isn’t work likely hasn’t run a blog before. Trust. It is work!


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  1. Nick H says:

    This is a very powerful post. A lot of nudists are not public about their way of life, many worry about their work, neighbours, family etc reacting in a bad way to their nudism. Yet they will often wish that public nudity was a much more normal occurrence. Some nudists are not afraid to let the world know that they live naked. The reality in my take on the real world is that nudism is a wonderful way of life, one that I’ve lived throughout my adult life. I am proud to be a nudist. I have used local clothing-optional beaches for a long time and am not bothered about who may see me there, nor about who might discover my nudism through my long term online presence on nudist websites.

    Unfortunately other peoples’ takes on the real world can see nudity as a sexual thing, rather than a way of life where we simply accept each other in all of our naked glory. I’m not denying that nudists are sexual beings, genuine nudists tend to be able to separate social and public nudity from sex. Nudity is used to sell things, often in conjunction with a sexual slant. If we want to ‘normalise nudity’ we have to overcome this confusion among non-nudists. Reading about your experience is sickening, you are far from alone in facing this type of harassment for simply being open about your nudism. It is frequently men who behave like this with nudists they find online, it is bad enough as a +60yo male reading what they want to do with my body after seeing my nudist photos online, on supposedly nudist websites. We see people behave in a similar manner at public nude places; imitating meerkats, continuously parading up and down past nudists on beaches, openly masturbating near someone they have become interested in. Many people do not want to risk confrontation to deal with these situations, even when they can see the perpetrators. It is far worse online, trolls and their ilk hide behind what they think is online anonymity. Frequently these people are male. It is embarrassing to be a male at times.

    I am pleased to read that you eventually got an apology. None of your experience should have occurred. Especially as a consequence of you openly being a public nudist. If all nudists hid away we’d have no with success with normalising nudity. Practicing social nudism behind fences and walls can indicate that what we do behind them is more than simply socialising naturally naked. But, I understand the peace of mind that nudist clubs and resorts can give their visitors.

  2. Tom says:

    Thank you for being a public advocate for nudity, and for engaging with your online harasser. I think we humans are coming into some new kind of harmony, not just sensually, sexually, corporeally, but definitely in those ways. (I just invented a word by mistyping: “sensualloy.”) You are helping, and I recognize what you risk.

  3. Bare Beach Bum says:

    Crazy and disgusting are the first two words that pop into my head. When you first shared this with me, I was shocked that someone could be so crass and threatening, but then I realized the generation and the fact that they could remain totally anonymous. I’m sure that this is a person that gets triggered by the littlest thing that offends them yet they don’t think of how you would react to such a vulgar message. Selfish the best way to describe the note. You are thick skinned after being through so much so after some processing you put his notes in the proper perspective I believe.

    Your photographs are a way for you to express your emotion to yourself and others; therefore, I consider them art. Even people like Lucy Muse that may post more “expressive” work, it is still art in my book because of its intention. If you choose to monetize them and other people buy them for their enjoyment, then good for you. The fact that there is nudity and possibly some sexuality in them does not make them any less artistic if that is your purpose. Each person has a different connotation of art which is also the beauty of it. If they misconstrue your meaning of it then that is their problem and not yours, but their opinions should not make you feel unsafe. The above idiot crossed that line.

  4. natbiss says:

    Thank you very much for this post. It’s very easy to focus on the positive part of freedom, but there is also a dark side that we cannot forget. Thank you for being so brave.

    1. Thank you for honoring my bravery. It’s definitely been a difficult few days of facing the dark underbelly of our society. I appreciate the support!

  5. It’s a sad thing, it should not be your responsibility to educate, nor in how they were raised or whatever, adults need to adult.

    1. Thank you for participating in this very important conversation.

      1. While I sometimes lament that as a male I’ll never see the money part of it, but the bigger upside is I probably won’t have to deal with the dregs of society. I think I got the better deal tbh.

  6. Tino says:

    Thanks for writing such an important story. We are a naturist family (mom, dad (me), two children) and we have had a blog briefly ( Our goal was to let the world know Naturists are normal, ordinary people doing normal, ordinary things. Thank God we were smart enough to blur the faces of our children as they get to decide for themselves how Publix they want to be when they’re older.

    We received the same kind of comments to the point of child pornography like questions to show the genitalia of our children in close up and even requests to meet them. Yes, them meaning my children, preferably without me or my wife.

    We decided we made a mistake, took the website offline only a month after it was launched and asked Google to remove all traces of it.

    We have been happy Naturists ever since, still enjoying non sexual nudity on a daily basis. We still go out hiking in the woods with only shorts and a t-shirt in our backpack.

    We (I) admire everyone who is able to put up with the darker side of the internet and do what they do, like you Joy. We have been silent lurkers, reading your thoughtful articles regularly. Now is the time to post a comment finally.

    You are correct though, if you have the courage and the energy to do what you do, by all means DO IT. Others – like us – are inspired by it.

    For us, we wouldn’t pay for articles behind a pay wall let alone “just pictures” of naked people. We encounter enough naked people and wouldn’t want to pay for it. That is just one opinion though and people should still do what they like. If there is an audience, it makes sense, period 😉

    Keep up the great work and live your life the way you like to, you’re an inspiration for us all, Naturists or not.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your perspective. This post sparked another comment from the same young man. He wasn’t getting the reaction he wanted from me so he directly threatened my daughter.

      It’s deeply disturbing that there are so many people lacking sexual intelligence in our society. We must do better to educate and prevent such vile behavior.

      As for Naked Wanderings specifically, I would personally pay for a monthly vodcast produced by them. I know they have an important view point to share with the world.

      I think even a donate button so that those of us in the world who are inspired by their story could at least buy them a latte to sip while they write and inspire us with their life and story. ☕️

      I’m glad your family has found a peaceful path to enjoying naturism and once again, I’m so sorry you had to face the dark under belly of the Internet.

      From my heart to yours,


    2. nakedwanderings says:

      This very sad story unfortunately points out once again how many weird people have access to the internet. If someone would ask for close up nude pictures of your children in real life, even at a nudist resort, you could report him/her to the police (and punch him/her in the face). The internet makes such things much more difficult. Depending of the country you live in, you could even get in serious trouble for publishing pictures of your children online.

  7. nakedwanderings says:

    If we ever write a blog post about why there aren’t that many female nudists willing to promote their lifestyle, it will contain only one sentence: “Read ‘The Pitfalls of Being a Public Nudist’ by Joy”.

    But as a side note we do want to mention: Our blog post was (mostly about the struggles of being a nudist blogger but also) about selling uncensored and premium content. Raising the question if you would sell types of pictures/videos which you wouldn’t publish for free.
    And we’re not judging here. We do believe that people can be a nudist and a model. We also believe that people can be a nudist and a porn star. Take Lucy Muse for example. In the past she has done lots for female empowerment and female body confidence under the name of nudism. But she’s a porn star, and we have to say that we’re happy that she’s dropped the nudist part recently because she did (maybe involuntarily) link nudism very much to porn.
    As we say in our blog post, as nudist bloggers we have an exemplary role. And we do believe that if someone is promoting different lifestyles, it’s very important to make it very clear for their audience that one lifestyle has nothing to do with the other.

    1. Thank you again for your kind words of support. I fully understood the intention of your blog and it did not seem judgmental in any way.

      My post evolved and I almost didn’t post it. I wasn’t just speaking to other nudists or nudist bloggers I was also speaking to you two directly.

      You offer the world such incredible beauty. And as a blogger myself I understand how much effort it takes for you to run such a thoughtful and active blog.

      I personally think it would be totally acceptable and hopefully profitable if you had a paid portion of your blog. Possibly more of a vodcast area with interviews and behind the scenes discussions.

      You both deserve to create an income from your efforts. What you offer the world is needed. It’s priceless. If you offer a paid membership area with deeper video commentaries and interviews I’ll be your first paid monthly member! I love what you do and would be fully willing to do what little I can to support your efforts!

      As for Lucy Muse, I almost mentioned her myself. Thank you for bringing light to that touchy subject. I also appreciate that she has separated out her explicit content.

      I hope you’re having a beautiful day, from my heart to yours, Joy

      1. nakedwanderings says:

        We like to say that we (including you, ourselves and all other nudist bloggers) do what the naturist associations and federations should do. They receive membership money but most of them do very little to spread the word about naturism/nudism. Especially online.
        They should pay us for doing their job 🙂

      2. Truth! Well spoken!

  8. This is a stunning post. It is also why there is such a dearth of women in nudism. There is an assumption by many that anyone who simply wants the freedom to be themselves – and that freedom included a lack of clothing – must be asking for sex. Women are at a disadvantage because there is a very small but significant percentage of males who really are a threat. Men don’t experience a reciprocal threat and don’t see why a woman might see them as a threat.

    A fair number of man are merely obnoxious until they learn a different etiquette. Fear arises from not being able to tell those apart from the genuinely pathological characters.

    It is why any kind of body positivity for any gender is such an uphill battle.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and insight! ❤️

      1. Reblogged your post on with some commentary of my own.

      2. 🙏

  9. Thel says:

    Thank you so so so much for sharing!

    1. You’re most welcome! I seem to have some very intense feelings about this topic

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