Let’s Get Naked Together

I was struggling to blog today, but I forced myself to sit down, quiet my mind and turn my vision inwards. As I sat there basking in the warmth of the sun, a question popped into my mind: What does it mean to be naked?

As I contemplated the depth of this meaningful question, I searched for quotes that include the word naked. I found Rashid’s quote, which I’d never heard before…

Let’s get naked together
Show your imperfections
I will show you mine

The scars you hide
All your blunt edges
All your imaginary cages
Reasons you don’t fly

If we could look through them
and accept each other as whole
With my tongue I would kiss your soul

Let’s desire beyond pleasure of flesh
I will be your wings
Can you be mine?
Together we can scale new heights
-Rashid Khan Pathan

The beauty of his words touched my soul, so I thought I’d share with you…I also have a question for you:

What does it mean to be naked?

I hope you’re having a beautiful day!
From my heart to yours,

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  1. nudenik says:

    Being naked with others means we’re our natural selves, hiding nothing physically from each other with no confusing signals sent out by clothing and labels. We see each other literally in a warts and all way. In my experience social nudism encourages a similar more open mental state between the nudists. I’ve found myself talking with nudists I’d only recently met about topics which could be very personal, but in an open style that I’ve not discussed the subject matter that way with much longer-term textile friends.

    When I am naked I feel like I am my real self, naturally naked, irrespective of whether I am naked on my own or socially in clothing-optional or all nude settings. I am more comfortable and relaxed when I am nude. I’ve been a nudist all of my adult life, when I was younger there were more distractions, as I’ve got older and dropped some of those interests my life has got more naked. The more time that I spend naked the more time I want to spend nude. As time has passed I socialise more and more as a nudist. When I am naked I am me, when I am clothed I feel like I am a nudist in disguise, passing through the textile world. I don’t like having to disguise myself, I prefer to be nude and free.

  2. Nick Harding says:

    I had not seen the Rashid Khan Pathan quote until I read your post, to me this sums up what I really appreciate about being a social nudist. When we’re naked with others our size and shape do not matter, we are our natural physical selves and genuine nudists tend to accept each other for how we each are. Nudists hide nothing from each other physically and it often follows that this openness carries over to our mental sides as well, the most open people I know are nudists. Some of them are friends I have known for many years; sometimes I meet nudists who are new to me and soon afterwards we are talking about things I haven’t talked about with friends I have known for a much longer time, but who prefer to wear clothing. I love meeting new people in a nudist setting, is there a better way to begin to build a friendship than when we are just our naturally naked selves at the very start?

  3. Anonymous says:

    the older i get the more i enjoy being naked. that is one of the reason’s i love modeling for art classes. can expree myself

  4. tj52mm says:

    I enjoy being naked my self but my wife is against it so when she is is not around I go naked in the house. Here in Minn. quite cold now below 0. Looking forward to warmer weather so i can venture outdoors.

  5. Ken Benoit says:

    I enjoy being naked, especially outdoors, it makes me feel so alive and in touch with nature. I ha e imperfections just like everyone . God made .w this way, it does not matter to .e what you think of me. I am happy they way I am.

    1. Yes! Self acceptance is such an important aspect of the human experience. 💚

  6. thrumyfatherseyes says:

    Naked to me means not being bound by society’s rules of being hidden behind clothes! Being proud of the perfections an imperfections that nature has given me!

    1. Beautiful!

  7. Darrell Drury says:

    Being naked is self motivating. You feel no shame for what is natural anyway. Reading your blogs confirms what many people feel in their own life.

  8. greenman19 says:

    Being naked means opening oneself to the natural world around us as a sensual, awakend soul

  9. Marc says:

    Being naked means being comfortable, physically, psychologically and emotionnally, and being happy.

  10. Joy, for me being naked means self awareness, freedom, beauty, acceptance and experiencing the world in the most sensual ways possible.

    1. What a lovely expression. Thank you for sharing!

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