The Harmonious Intersection: Exploring the Synergy Between Naturism and Tantra

What is Naturism?

Naturism and nudism are often used interchangeably, but to me, they’re not the same thing. Nudism is about social interaction and a lifestyle choice, whereas naturism is a holistic approach to connecting with nature in its purest form. Both have their merits, but my personal journey has been deeply rooted in the philosophy of naturism. I may explore nudism in the future but at this point in my journey I have only ever attended a nudist resort as a child.

My Personal Journey with Naturism

Naturism has been my sanctuary for healing emotional wounds. It allowed me to heal my inner child’s traumas and even find solace during the loss of an important relationship. Through my connection with nature, I have gained a newfound sense of self-worth that has been crucial in rebuilding my self-esteem.

Self-Portraits and Body Acceptance

As many of you may remember, on January 1st, 2018, I began a transformative journey of exploring nature in the nude, documenting my experiences through self-portraits. The process has helped me shatter several limiting beliefs about my body, from accepting my breast size to embracing my larger feet. Naturism, in conjunction with these self-portraits, has empowered me to be comfortable in my own skin. Although I occasionally slip back into negative self perceptions, overall I am much more body positive now than I was in my youth.

Integrating Tantra into Naturism

My experiences in naturism took on a new dimension when I incorporated some if the core principles of tantra. Walking barefoot on the earth, I feel grounded; climbing a tree allows me to sense the tree’s unique energy and deep rooted history. There is a tactile intimacy with nature that becomes meditative and healing for me.

Some of my most potent moments unfold when I immerse myself in water. Whether it’s a rush of cold water or the gentle embrace of a natural hot spring, I envision these waters washing away any lingering negativity. This conscious cleansing is deeply influenced by my tantric philosophy, as I focus on being present, tuning into my bodily sensations, and directing my mental energy for holistic well-being.

A Work in Progress

The journey of integrating tantra into my life is an ongoing process that began in my teens. Merging my Tantric practice with my love of naturism has been truly empowering. Each experience in nature, whether meditative or invigorating, continually shapes my perspective of life and self-love. By merging these two philosophies, I’ve found a unique path toward holistic healing and personal empowerment. My background in Permaculture is another aspect of my journey that I look forward to incorporating more into my life and my Tantric naturist life.

I hope you are having a truly blissful day.

From my heart to yours, Joy

At one with nature…

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    Hi Joy !!!!!!!

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    Yes, Joy! I can see how blending the Tantra of self with Naturism releases all that you don’t need and opens you to all the possibilities

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