Dance is the private language of the soul.

Accessing Inner Peace

The quieter you become, the more you can hear. In a hectic world filled with daily stressors, cell phones and outer chaos… it’s more important than ever to turn the world off and take a moment to access inner peace. I hope you are having a beautiful evening. From my heart to yours, Joy

Loving Your Breasts

Self love is the greatest middle finger of all time. When people read my blog or view images of me, they inadvertently develop their own ideas of who I am and what I stand for. A lot of people applaud me for my bravery and compliment me for being so comfortable in my body. As…

Oh Joy

So tonight I was like, oh damn I haven’t blogged yet today! I also hadn’t taken a self portrait so I decided I’d just let life flow and capture the moment. The bottom line here is, the cat wanted out. I opened the door lol. Nothing deep or introspective about this post or this moment….

The Tantric Man

Hey lovelies, After a couple days dealing with tech issues, I am taking a night off. I am feeling beautifully grounded and incredibly positive for the future. I lost sight of my intuition for a minute but I am back on track. I got quite a lot of feedback about the title of my program,…

Trust Yourself

Hey lovelies, Today I have a single message to share; trust yourself. That’s all she wrote. A relevant quote to reinforce my statement: “Think for yourself. Trust your own intuition. Another’s mind isn’t walking your journey, you are.” Scottie Waves I hope you have a beautiful rest of your evening…. From my heart to yours,…

Oh. What. A Day.

Hey lovelies, I promised myself I would blog every single day until January 1, 2020 . So here I am. Listening to a quiet song play in the background while I contemplate the many ways this day kicked my lily white ass. If you have ever dealt with tech issues, you can feel my pain….

From my Heart to Yours

Hey lovelies, Today is a blissfully busy day. I am working away creating content for my coaching program. Just wanted to pop on quick and send you some positive loving energy! From my heart to yours, Joy

My Self Portrait Journey

Hey lovelies, Yesterday a variety of followers on my social media accounts told me that they wished they had the body confidence I exhibit in my photos. My response was interesting because I had a strong reaction. When we experience strong reactions to someone’s comments it generally means there’s something deeper going on. That is…