Oh. What. A Day.

Hey lovelies, I promised myself I would blog every single day until January 1, 2020 . So here I am. Listening to a quiet song play in the background while I contemplate the many ways this day kicked my lily white ass. If you have ever dealt with tech issues, you can feel my pain….

Sun Kissed and Naked

Drop into a space of sacred silence and allow your mind to relax as you connect with your inner and outer nakedness.

Naked laptop lifestyle

Hey lovelies, This week I am staying in a sweet condo right in the heart of downtown Victoria. I am currently on building my new website and getting geared up for the launch of my Street Dharma program (focused on bringing programs that nourish the minds, bodies, and spirits of the homeless in my community)….

Naturist Laptop Lifestyle

Hey lovelies, I drifted into dreamland much earlier than normal last night. I slept beautifully and my sleep was filled with mystical dreams. The images from my dreams stayed in my mind this morning when I awoke. My house was quiet except for the sound of my neighbour’s rooster crowing in the background. I got…